About this Site

Welcome! ♥ Whether you’re new to Human Made and looking to get up to speed on how we work, or looking in from the outside (psst, we’re always hiring), it’s great to have you here.

This site is a guide to how Human Made works, along with information on the things we’ve built. Think of it as a How To Build Like Human Made guide. It accompanies our Handbook, which covers the meta-level of how Human Made works, and has a tonne of detail on how our day-to-day works.

Our How We Work section covers both the day-to-day processes, as well as our core philosophies that inform everything we do. We also have specific style guides, as we develop for more modern platforms and tools than WordPress core.

The Platform section covers the basics we build into every site we create, including the base set of plugins as well as our hosting stack that we run for our clients.

Finally, we have in-depth documentation for our projects that we publish as open-source. This includes a common support policy for developer-facing projects, in which we offer promises for our software, but we need help from you. This is somewhat unconventional, as we’re aiming for complete software, which we think benefits everyone.

We hope you like the site. This site has been built by all of us at Human Made, just for you, because you’re special.

I want more!

Not enough content for you? You should also read 10up’s amazingly in-depth guide, as well as WordPress.com VIP’s best practices documentation. Pantheon’s WordPress at Scale site is also great for performance information.

If there’s something you’d like to see here, let us know. This site is always being improved.