Welcome! ♥ Whether you’re new to Human Made and looking to get up to speed on how we work, or looking in from the outside (psst, we’re always hiring), it’s great to have you here.

This site is a practical guide to working on projects and building things at Human Made. It accompanies our Handbook, which covers the meta-level of how Human Made works, and has a tonne of detail on how our day-to-day works.

If you just joined us or are on trial, you’ll probably want to start at the Your First Day page to get your tools and access sorted.

We hope you like the site. This site has been built by all of us at Human Made, just for you.

An Important Note An Important Note

One of the key aspects of Human Made is individuality. While we’re publishing this site with both descriptive (“this is how we work”) and prescriptive (“this is how we want to work”) information, it’s important to note that these are guidelines, not rules. We often debate various things internally, and projects can have inconsistencies from each other. Sometimes, this is a good thing. The flip side of consistency can be monoculture, where experimentation is discouraged.

Engineers can often get caught up in issues like “what’s the best way to do this?”. While we obviously want to work from the best possible starting position, there’s nothing to say you have to stay there. Take the best that’s available and run with it.

Experiment. Deconstruct. Rebuild. Blow it all away and start from scratch.

Some of the best projects come from a dissatisfaction with the status quo. If there are things in this guide you disagree with, fix them. Nothing will ever be perfect. Maybe something that’s annoying you today turns into a better tool for everyone tomorrow.

This guide is a living set of documents, and will be updated as we continue to refine, refactor, and rebuild our processes and tooling.

Licensing and Reuse Licensing and Reuse

These docs are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, so you’re welcome to reuse any of our content.

These docs incorporate content from:

We’d also recommend reading these guides for everything we didn’t incorporate here to see how others do the same.