Your First Day

On trial with Human Made? Just joined? Welcome, it’s great to have you here, and you’re an amazing person. ♥

The company handbook has some information on Getting Started that deals with the company-wide processes, so you should read that first. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get started on your development environment.

Access to Everything Access to Everything

Depending on what exactly you’re doing, you’ll need access to a wide variety of things. The key tools you’ll need for day-to-day development:

  • GitHub
  • Slack – Make sure to join #dev.
  • Our SSH proxies – This may not be needed on your trial.

You should be given access to these by your trial buddy, but if not, ask! Make sure to enable two-factor authentication where possible.

There are other tools you may need access to. We’re pretty liberal with access, but it can be pain to go through and set these all up, so you probably don’t want access to everything unless you need it. You can always get it later if you do need it, so don’t be afraid to ask.

  • AWS Console – For the servers team, or anyone who needs to manage server access. Ask in #servers for access.
  • Trello – Some projects are managed via Trello, ask the lead/PM on a project for access.

Your Tools Your Tools

We’re pretty flexible about the tools we use, and if you’ve already happy with your setup, you probably won’t need to change!

As of December 2017 (when we last held the Engineering Survey), here’s what we were using:

  • Browsers: Chrome (69%), Firefox (27%), Safari (4%)
  • Editor/IDE: phpStorm (58%), Sublime Text (23%), Atom (8%), Visual Studio Code (8%)
  • VM/Local Server: Chassis (69%), VVV (12%), Local (XAMP/etc) (8%), Docker (8%)
  • Git client: git command line (69%), Tower (23%), SourceTree (4%), GitKraken (4%)

If you don’t already have choices here, or you’re looking for a change, here’s some other great guides to check out:

How We Work How We Work

This whole section of the handbook is about how Human Made works, and you should probably read all of it for a good overview. If you’re short of time, the key documents to read are the development process and review process pages.