Using Sequel Pro with Chassis

Sequel Pro is a desktop app that gives you direct access to MySQL databases. In this guide we’re going to show how to set it up to be able to view, edit, delete, import, and export database contents on Chassis.

Connect Using the Chassis Extension Connect Using the Chassis Extension

Set up the Sequel Pro Chassis extension on your local environment.

Navigate into the Chassis directory and run vagrant sequel.

Manually Connect Manually Connect

  1. Start Sequel Pro, and navigate to the SSH tab on the welcome screen.
  2. Enter Chassis into the Name field.
  3. Set the MySQL Host field to
  4. Enter the database configuration values of your Chassis install into the fields below. These are the defaults:
    1. Username: wordpress
    2. Password: vagrantpassword
    3. Database: wordpress
  5. Leave the Port field empty to use the default value of 3306.
  6. Set the SSH Host to and the SSH User to vagrant.
  7. Click on the key icon next to the SSH Key field to find your SSH key:
    1. Navigate to the root of your computer. It has house icon next to its name.
    2. Navigate into the .ssh folder. If you don’t see it, make sure that the Show hidden files checkbox in the lower left corner is checked.
    3. Click on the id_rsa file.
    4. The SSH Key field should now containt ~/.ssh/id_rsa.
  8. Set the SSH Port field to 2222.
  9. Click on the Test Connection button. If everything works, click on Add to Favourites to save the connection details for later.
  10. Click on Connect.