We’re still trying out the guilds process, so this is not final. We’ll keep iterating the process, so refer to Updates for the latest.

Guilds are cross-functional, cross-team groups with a specific focus and continuing goal. This focus and goal is directly related to the delivery of projects, and contributes to an increased capacity to produce work. Read more about guilds on the announcement post.

Guilds cut across many teams, and incorporate engineers, project managers, and anyone else involved in delivery, whether client services or otherwise.

The current guilds are:

Gutenberg Guild Gutenberg Guild

Focus: The Gutenberg editor shipping with WordPress 5.0.
Goal: Improve knowledge and skills for building with Gutenberg.
Coordinator: @matt

Agile Guild Agile Guild

Focus: Improving efficiency of delivery using agile methodology
Goal: Clarify our relationship with Agile, evaluate, apply, and iterate our agile approach toward continuous improvement of our delivery processes.
Coordinator: @tarei

Wellbeing Guild Wellbeing Guild

Focus: Improving overall team well-being and how it affects issues of performance, retention and burnout.
Goal: To strive towards making well-being a facet in company decision-making.
Coordinator: @pauldw