• File Structure

    How to structure projects at the file level, both general and specific to plugins and themes, respectively.

  • Documentation

    Code should be commented thoroughly, and here’s how to do it.

  • Privacy

    Guidelines on (meeting) privacy requirements.

  • Performance

    Considerations on algorithmic complexity and performance.

  • Best Practices

    How and when to utilize best practices.

  • Frontend

    Frontend-specific standards.

  • Backend

    Backend-specific standards.

  • Style Guides

    Various style guides for the different technologies we use.

To ensure everyone’s able to work effectively and efficiently, we enforce a number of standards across our code. Some of these are for performance and security in high-traffic, high-impact sites, while some enable us to collaborate more effectively.

While projects can deviate from these standards (and we encourage experimenting with new standards), projects tend to follow the majority of these rules and guidelines.